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The Bridge, Paris, Cairo & London, 2015

Reunion, 2014
Oil on canvas, 60×80 cm


Caravan Exhibition of Visual Art

The Bridge exhibition involves a diverse range of 47 Arab, Persian and Jewish visual artists. Participating artists include women and men, from premier contemporary artists to emerging younger artists, from the three primary monotheistic faith backgrounds and 13 countries. Each artist has submitted one original work specifically for the exhibition focusing on what they hold in common through their cultures and creeds, illustrating their ideas of how to build bridges between us all.

The painting Reunion deals with memory and moments – that special moment when we meet and become one as a group and one with Nature and the power of Nature itself. When I was thinking about the idea of this project I recognized in myself the stress and violence that is present in Jerusalem, where I live and also where my studio is located. These feelings are not new for me. If you live in Jerusalem you live with a dual atmosphere of holy beauty and violence. This is a package deal that comes with living in this great city. My painting is for the dreamers. To create such a Reunion you have to be a dreamer, or at least try.

– Shai Azoulay