Latest works

In my paintings i am interested in creating a narrative abundant with figures and scenes which radiate human warmth, compassion and slight irony. My work outstandingly ranges between drawing to painting, between the fluent to the inarticulate, the sophisticated to the naïve and between the omnipotent to the limited.
Shai Azoulay.


In Shai Azoulay’s paintings, there are often scenes set in a desert landscape. This recurring desert landscapes may be associated to his personal biography, growing up in Arad, a city located in the southern Judean Desert. However, in Azoulay’s painting the desert does not appear on its own, but functions as the background for human activity, a set environment for private or collective ceremonies. These ceremonial rituals have a slightly surreal logic that mixes the sacred with the profane. Azoulay’s painting bare a dream-like quality, they function as revelation visions in which the pathos is restrained with self humor and insights about human nature and conduct.

– Tal Yahas